Response to Mike Pence fundraising letter

Here is my letter to Mike Pence, responding to a fundraising letter and questionnaire. I decided against donating.

Hon. Mike Pence April 12, 2020
320 First St., SE
Wash, D.C. 20003

Dear VP Pence:

I got your Dear Patriotic Citizen letter and thought it might be appropriate to bring a few things to your attention. You indicate that we “have a roaring economy” and I’m wondering if you have checked the economic indicators lately. It may be that the fake news purveyors are trying to cloud the economic picture, but I’ve heard that millions are losing their jobs and the economy is crashing. You might want to double check and make sure that you can still hear the roar.

You say that “our communities are safer” but the fake news contends there is a pandemic across the land and people are cowering in fear of infection. Again, this would be worth checking out and getting the facts so that the lamestream media can be exposed for their lies.

You speak of socialists and we certainly need to be on guard against those horrible villains. I’m told that the Congress passed a two-trillion-dollar socialist bill and that the president insisted on signing the checks going out to businesses and workers across the country. Please say it isn’t so. I’m sure it is fake news because our beloved president would never engage in such a perverted socialist plot.

With regard to the questionnaire that accompanied your letter, I would agree that Obama had nothing to do with handing our beloved president a strong economy. Just because Obama took over an economy that had crashed to practically record lows and managed to bring it to life with growth gains over his eight-year tenure in office, does not mean that he should get any credit. As the president pointed out on numerous occasions, the guy is from Kenya.

And, I agree with the question about reporters often lying to the American people. Have you ever seen that One America News outfit on cable? Or the one named after the dog family of animals–I seem to recall it is something like coyote, jackal, fox or whatever. They are shameful.

Sincerely, Jim Jones, Patriotic Citizen

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