Note to my valued subscribers

Dear subscribers:

Several subscribers have let me know that there was an error in the notification they received for my last blog posting. I think it may have been caused by an error in the program that sends out notifications of new postings. The notifications went to the correct email addresses of my subscribers, but an incorrect email address was shown in the text of the notification where it says “you have provided us your email address:” but then an incorrect address appeared. The same incorrect address was used in each of the reported errors. For some reason, the program did not change the subscriber’s address to correspond with who was receiving the notification. It does not affect the security of the blog because the the security and anti-spam programs are still in good working order. I think I’ve fixed the problem, but am sending out this post to let subscribers know of the problem (if they don’t already) and test whether it is indeed corrected. Please let me know if there is such an error in the notification you receive for this posting.

In case you are interested, here are my most recent columns in The Hill:

Liz Cheney is the Margaret Chase Smith of our time—October 18, 2021

The Nation’s COVID-19 response bodes ill for effective climate action—Nov. 1, 2021

Junk lawsuits by Republican Attorneys General harm their own people—Nov. 15, 2021

Best Thanksgiving wishes to you and your families, Jim

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5 thoughts on “Note to my valued subscribers”

  1. As an out-of-state subscriber, and former born-and-raised
    Boisean, I appreciate your positive “critical” observations
    of today’s challenges for Idaho, and every state across the
    nation; efforts for reform; and life-long contribution to
    the application of the rule of law with justice for all.

    “Cheers to Jim”

  2. Since I am having a problems finding your articles on TheHill, I appreciate you listing them and the links to them on the pages of your regular articles. Thanks.

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