Message to the Fake News: Quit picking on Donald Trump

The President constantly bemoans what he views as unfair criticism from the lamestream media. If they aren’t after him for chumming it up with the likes of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping, they are on him for his belated and anemic response to the coronavirus pandemic. Even though their reporting is well sourced, often based on his own words, it is just plain wrong.

One glaring example is the heat the President has gotten for having “Donald J. Trump” emblazoned on the government checks going out to millions of Americans just months before the presidential election. If the Fake News just gave it a tiny bit of thought, they’d realize that Trump earned the right to have his name on those particular checks. They are to compensate for the gigantic economic disaster caused by the pandemic and Trump played a major part in that.

Starting late last year, numerous sources inside and out of government warned that a pandemic was brewing. Trump essentially sat on his hands throughout February and did not even recommend social distancing until March 16. By that time, the horse was out of the barn and the infection was spreading in cities across the country. A tested model indicates that implementing social distancing on March 2 could have reduced Covid-19 deaths by 90%, while a March 9 implementation could have prevented 60% of the deaths.

By letting the pandemic go unchecked for well over a month, until the markets crashed on March 14, it became necessary for the federal government to infuse massive amounts of cash into the economy. A significant portion of the $2 trillion bailout package was necessitated by Trump’s refusal to take the pandemic seriously. It only makes sense that his name should appear on the memo line of the payment checks.

The Fake News is also criticizing Trump for blaming everyone in sight for ignoring the pandemic and letting it get out of hand, including President Obama, the infamous Deep State, China, the World Health Organization, Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, state governors and Chuck Schumer.

As usual, the lamestream media has it all wrong–Trump is not scapegoating others, but merely sharing credit with those others, a typically generous gesture on his part. He just wants everyone of voting age to know that others, who were not the leader of the nation, played a significant role in preventing early action to fight the pandemic. They may not have had the nation’s health and intelligence apparatus at their beck and call to ferret out information about the pandemic and organized a comprehensive national response, but they could have done something–like praising him.

The lamestreamers also claim that Trump has never displayed empathy for those devastated by the virus or the economic collapse it visited upon the land. He certainly appears to be empathy challenged when it comes to Covid-19 victims, their families and those on the front line, but that does not prove he is totally unable to feel their pain.

Trump is grappling with bigger issues, like clinging to Fox News commentators for policy direction and keeping track of whether governors are being sufficiently thankful for any virus-fighting materials he may toss their way. He can’t waste his presidential time grieving for average people. Besides, he clearly laments the poor health of the financial markets. Isn’t that enough for the critics? It is time for the Fake News to recognize that the great leader is doing his very best and give him the credit he deserves.

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