Links to three columns on the war in Ukraine

Dear readers:

In case you think I have stopped writing about anything besides Idaho politics, it is not so. As soon as the May 17 Idaho primary election is behind us, I’ve got folders of other issues to deal with. An issue near and dear to my heart is the war in Ukraine. I’ve published 3 columns about it in The Hill online news outlet. The Hill has been very generous in giving me space in its publication. They have a 14-day exclusive under our agreement. After that I can publish elsewhere, including here. I think it’s fine to provide the links, so here they are. The latest column is first. Check out The Hill. It has very wide coverage over practically everything that is going on and has numerous links to other publications.

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Vladimir Putin is on the horns of a life-or-death dilemma—May 2, 2022

Focus on what Ukraine must have to fight Putin’s reign of terror—April 5, 2022

Vladimir Putin provides an eye-opener for his GOP fans in America—March 7, 2022


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