Jim Jones’ picks for the 2022 general election on November 8

I’m not sure anyone has been waiting with bated breath to learn who I would vote for in the 2022 general election, but here are my picks for some selected races. There are quite a number of races in which I’m not eligible to vote, but they are included because of their importance to the State.

In my estimation, the most important statewide race is for Attorney General. A competent, non-political Attorney General can do a tremendous amount of good for the people of Idaho. An unqualified AG can do a great deal of harm. Tom Arkoosh towers over Raul Labrador in every important respect–experience, ethics, competence, whatever. The AG is the State’s family lawyer, charged with keeping the State well advised and represented in practically every area of the law. Tom is eminently qualified for the job while Labrador is definitely not.

I voted for Brad Little for Governor, but without a great deal of enthusiasm. Brad is a good person, but needs to stand up more often against the extremist Dorothy Moon branch of the GOP. He has too often tried to mollify that destructive bunch, not realizing they will never support him. Many of them are openly supporting Ammon Bundy.

I voted for Terri Pickens Manweiler for Lieutenant Governor. I was greatly impressed when she argued several cases in the Idaho Supreme Court and I’m sure she would do an excellent job as Lt. Governor.

Phil McGrane will win the Secretary of State race, as well he should. He’s a fine young man. Brandon Woolf is also a great guy who deserves re-election as State Controller.

I voted for Terry Gilbert for Superintendent of Public Instruction. His opponent is just too equivocal on school vouchers, which would divert funds from the public school system.

Kaylee Peterson is an impressive young woman, who is well versed and well positioned on the important issues. She would be a great replacement for Russ Fulcher to represent Idaho’s First Congressional District in Congress.

SJR 102, is a ballot measure that would amend the Idaho Constitution to allow the Legislature to call itself into special session. Unless you are a fan of chaos and disaster, it deserves a resounding NO vote.

Now to State Senate candidates. I implore District 1 voters to write in Steve Johnson. His opponent is dangerous. Here are my picks for the contested seats–David Nelson (District 6); Bob Solomon (10); Toni Ferro (11); Rick Just (15); Ali Rabe (16); Carrie Semmelroth (17); Janie Ward-Engelking (18); Melissa Wintrow (19); Pat Soulliere (22); Mik Lose (23); Linda Hartgen (25); Laurie Lickley (26); and James Ruchti (29). He does not have an opponent, but Geoff Schroeder (8) will do an excellent job in the Senate.

With regard to the House, I’ve endorsed Tim Gresback in District 6B, Shelley Brock (14B) and Natalie MacLachlan (22A). The Democratic candidates in Districts 15 through 19 are particularly strong and deserving of your vote. Dawn Pierce (22B), Mary Shea (29A), Nate Roberts (29B), Travis Oler (30) and Miranda Marquit (33A) are good picks. I don’t know the other Democrats that well but their election could help restore balance to the House.

In other critical races, the future of North Idaho College depends on electing a responsible slate of candidates–Tarie Zimmerman, Pete Broschet and Brad Corkill. Same goes for the College of Western Idaho, where it is essential to vote for Molly Lenty, Annie Hightower, Jim Reames and Nicole Bradshaw.

Ada County Commission candidates Patricia Nilsson (District 3) and Stan Ridgeway (District 2) are the best choices. I voted for Dotti Owens for Coroner and Erik Berg for Assessor. My choice for Ada County Highway District was Miranda Gold (District 3). If I were in District 4, I’d have voted for Kent Goldthorpe.

Those are my recommendations for what they are worth. Be sure to get out to the polls and urge everyone you know to do likewise.

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4 thoughts on “Jim Jones’ picks for the 2022 general election on November 8”

  1. I am very nervous about the race for governor. We have SO MANY Bundy signs in this area.
    Luckily, we also have quite a few Arkoosh signs.

  2. Excellent homework is obvious! You have again shows how government should function! Thanks for your leadership………!


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