Jim Jones joins The Hill as a regular contributor

The Hill online news outlet has kindly invited me to be a regular contributor. My column will run every other Monday, starting on October 18. The Hill is one of my go-to news sources every morning. Please check it out. Here are links to my past columns published in The Hill:

A cradle-to-grave Supreme Court does not serve the public interest–May 6, 2021

Immediate U.S. action essential to save endangered Afghans–May 18, 2021

How critical race theory became today’s defining culture war issue–June 21, 2021

Can we please have an authoritative definition of RINO?–July 16, 2021

Were the 2020 election polls really so wretched?–July 29, 2021

Afghanistan has long been a lost cause–but the ending was too abrupt–Aug.10, 2021

Words of advice for my brothers and sisters who served in Afghanistan–Aug. 21, 2021

Licenses of doctors who spread harmful Covid-19 information should be at risk–9-4-21

The real winner–and one big loser–of 9/11–September 10, 2021

Don’t bite the hand that jabs you–September 23, 2021
(My preferred title was, “Biden extended a helping hand to red states, their governors bit it.” I liked my title much better)

The debt ceiling is useless–and dangerous–October 5, 2021

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6 thoughts on “Jim Jones joins The Hill as a regular contributor”

  1. Congratulations Jim, I’m very pleased to see you on the Hill. We need you reaching a broader audience with your very thoughtful assessment of where we are and where we are going..

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