Idaho is once again shamed by its Lieutenant Governor

Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin has again put the national spotlight on Idaho. This time it was not for issuing fake executive orders on two occasions when Governor Little temporarily stepped out of state. McGeachin garnered nationwide headlines for participating in a conference of the America First Political Action Committee (AFPAC) on February 25. AFPAC is an extremist organization founded by Nick Fuentes, who has compared himself to Adolf Hitler and praised Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

McGeachin defended herself, claiming that she did not personally attend the meeting, but merely sent a video with prepared remarks. Every responsible politician checks out the views of an organization before agreeing to speak. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know the nature of the group or the topics to speak about. McGeachin need only have Googled AFPAC to find that Fuentes is a white supremacist who has expressed “anti-semitic views and Holocaust denial and is opposed to women’s right to vote.”

If one Googles Mr. Fuentes it only gets worse. At the conference, he asked for and received “a round of applause for Russia.” The crowd responded with a chant of, “Putin, Putin.” Fuentes has called Putin’s invasion of Ukraine “the coolest thing to happen since 1/6.” At the conference, he praised the Capitol attack as “awesome.”

McGeachin told those in attendance that she was pleased to have been invited to participate in the conference. Any decent person who had done even the briefest inquiry into the group’s racist, misogynist views, would have rejected the invitation. If she failed to do any homework and learned only later that Fuentes admired both Hitler and Putin, she should have immediately issued a full-throated denunciation of his views.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who also spoke at the conference, also claimed to have known nothing about the group’s ultra-extremist views. But she did have the presence of mind to strongly denounce Putin for trying to subjugate Ukraine. Nevertheless, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo roundly criticized Greene for “associating with anti-semitic neo-Nazis” and “playing footsie with Nick Fuentes.”

If nothing else, McGeachin should have denounced Fuentes’ statements on Ukraine and Putin. Governor Little and both of Idaho’s Senators have not hesitated to condemn Putin for his criminal attack against the Ukrainian people. Little called Putin’s attack “an assault on democracy.” Risch denounced it as a “flagrant and premeditated act of war.” Crapo urged “crushing economic sanctions.”

Putin is a murderous, America-hating dictator who wants to reconstitute the Soviet Union, which was dedicated to the death and destruction of the United States. I can never forget that the USSR was responsible for the deaths of many of my fellow soldiers in Vietnam, thanks to the sophisticated Soviet missiles and other lethal hardware it furnished to Communist forces. Yes, McGeachin’s silence on Putin and Russia is deafening.

And, so it goes. Each day seems to bring more ugly publicity of this nature to the Gem State. McGeachin and her sidekick, Lt. Gov. wanna-be Priscilla Giddings, brought national disrepute on the State for their failed inquisition on student indoctrination. She exhibited her untrustworthiness and brought the national spotlight to Idaho by sneaking the two executive orders behind the Governor’s back. By election day, our dear State will be a national laughingstock of political dysfunction, thanks to McGeachin’s determined efforts.

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2 thoughts on “Idaho is once again shamed by its Lieutenant Governor”

  1. She’s visible..I worry about the “patient racists ” who now infest every facet of our Society.
    FOX, NEWS MAX and State, Federal government employees at all levels.

  2. Putin and all right wing nut jobs, in Idaho and elsewhere on the world are doing everything they can to bring down Democracy everywhere it exists. mcScreachin can claim innocence all she wants but she is a real threat to Idaho’s. Democracy as any white supremacists ever born.

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