Take Back Idaho Committee is announced

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The Take Back Idaho Committee was publicly announced on December 13. Its goal is to help restore responsible, common sense government in Idaho. As explained in the following press release and mission statement, the Committee will conduct voter outreach activities and endeavor to replace extremists with responsible legislative candidates in the 2022 primary election. I fully support this project to take the Legislature back from disruptive zealots. Please lend a hand if you agree. Jim

Take Back Idaho Committee Press Release

Contact: Jennifer Ellis
Email: takebackidaho@gmail.com
Phone: 208-681-6004


Citizen committee forms to counter extremism in the Idaho Legislature

A newly-formed committee of respected Idahoans is aiming to restore reason and responsibility to the Idaho Legislature. The Take Back Idaho Committee aims to hold lawmakers accountable and cull extremists from the law-making body in the 2022 primary election. Who better to head up the effort of corralling irresponsible legislators than a Blackfoot rancher?

Committee Chair Jennifer Ellis, a rancher and former President of the Idaho Cattle Association, said today that “the recent disruptive legislative sessions have pointed to the desperate need to replace dangerous extremists in the Legislature. Instead of putting forward positive ideas to improve the everyday lives of Idahoans, these politicians waste valuable time and taxpayer money. This vocal minority has replaced civility and common sense with conspiracy theories, fringe views, and cheap political theatre.”

Committee members include former House Speaker Bruce Newcomb (R, Burley), former Secretary of State Ben Ysursa, Wil Overgaard, a respected educator and former Superintendent of the Weiser School District, former Senate President Pro Tem Bob Geddes (R, Soda Springs) and former Attorney General Jim Jones.

“The Committee includes many ‘former’ officials of one sort or another,” Ellis said. “But that just means that we share decades of experience in governing, business, education and agriculture among us. We know how representative government should work and we can recognize when a Legislature has gone off the rails. It’s high time to get rid of the disruptive members and get back to responsible, accountable law making.”

Newcomb and Geddes agreed that recent Legislatures have simply gotten out of hand. Newcomb said, “The extremists have tried to strip local control, undermined our public education system and made our great State a laughingstock in the eyes of the nation.” Geddes added, “Too many of the GOP legislators have become ardent followers of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, which thrives on creating discord and havoc. They have lost sight of the fact that they were elected to represent the people, not a dark-money think tank.”

The so-called Freedom Foundation is strongly opposed to Idaho’s public education system. The Foundation’s President, Wayne Hoffman, spelled out the group’s antipathy to public education in a February 2019 op-ed: “I don’t think government should be in the education business. It is the most virulent form of socialism (and indoctrination thereto) in America today.”

“The IFF has done tremendous damage to Idaho’s education system,” Overgaard said. “The organization has caused its legislative followers to chronically underfund public education at all levels and has tried to discredit our school system with false charges of student indoctrination. It is no wonder that talented teachers are leaving Idaho in droves.” Overgaard added: “If the Freedom Foundation were to realize its goal of eliminating public schools in Idaho, the very heart of every community would be hollowed out. So much of everyday community life revolves around our public schools. School sport activities, for instance, bring all parts of our communities together.”

“The Idaho Freedom Foundation has irresponsibly raised questions about Idaho’s election integrity and supported legislation to make it impossible for the people to make or repeal legislation through the initiative and referendum,” Ysursa said. Jones added, “Too many GOP legislators blindly carry out the dictates of this organization which does not have the best interests of Idahoans at heart. That needs to change.”

Ellis said the Committee will support a voter outreach program to inform the public of the disruptive actions of the IFF and its legislative followers. The group was formed to oppose candidates who refuse to act responsibly, says Ellis. “On the other hand, we will support individuals dedicated to educating our children, working together to solve our chronic problems and restoring a sense of community and common purpose in Idaho.”

The Take Back Idaho Political Action Committee has a website (TakeBackIdaho.com) that will provide information on critical issues facing the State and key legislation to watch. The mailing address is P.O. Box 2574, Boise, ID 83701. The Organization’s mission statement is attached. ####


Take Back Idaho Mission Statement

From the time President Abraham Lincoln signed the bill establishing Idaho Territory on March 3, 1863, through the early part of the 21st century, Idaho has been a haven for independent, community-minded people and reasonable, problem-solving government.
Idahoans of all political persuasions were able to work together for the education of our children, advancement of our economy and development of a harmonious State identity.
All of that began changing after the turn of the century. With a dramatic 44.5% percent increase in the state population from 2000 to the present, politics in Idaho have become increasingly divisive and many of its politicians have forsaken the concept of responsible government.

The hearty, forward-looking men and women who founded this great state and nourished it through good and bad times into this new century would be greatly saddened to see the depths to which far too many of the Republican members of our Legislature have descended. Reason and common sense, which used to be the guiding stars of that party, have given way to conspiracy theories and manufactured facts among too large a number of GOP legislators. Divisiveness and dysfunction have replaced pragmatism and civility.

Three factors seem to account for the sad state of affairs of that once-admired party. First, the party adopted a closed primary election in 2011, which ensures that the most extreme and disruptive candidates end up on the general election ballot in this essentially one-party state. Second, the Idaho Freedom Foundation, which draws substantial support and direction from out-of-state interests, has managed to gain a strong hold over a sizable minority of Republican legislators. Third, the national political environment in the United States has taken a drastic turn for the worse in the last five years.

The Take Back Idaho PAC and its members and supporters are determined to take Idaho back from the grip of the IFF, its partner organizations and their acolytes in the GOP legislative ranks. We will do this through educational efforts and political action, directed toward electing responsible candidates in the 2022 and subsequent primary elections. We hope to remake the party as a group of individuals dedicated to educating our children, working together to solve our chronic problems and restoring a sense of community and common purpose in the State. The ultimate goal is to restore the Republican Party as a positive influence on the future of the Gem State.

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